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So Barry sucked on his first boobie last night. Who wants a piece of the grey bush? P, that is a great outfit. Sorry bro, I was putting up my Christmas tree! I don't give a fuck. This is the universe of Dope Rider, history's most beautiful comic about a deeply stoned undead cowboy. Alex, I need you to deal with 10 through 15 because those are the real problem levels and

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I'm not gay, but, thank you?

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They're a present from my roommates. Don't judge me Monkey. The above video, taken from a police cruiser dash cam, shows a white SUV speeding along an Arizona highway as its occupants toss no less than 17 bricks of weed from the windows. Others in this situation might invest their profit in art, or vintage cars, or real estate, but these are potheads we're talking about, so they're spending it on ridiculously expensive bongs shaped like Beaker and Big Bird. No, I was wondering if you could do some of my levels.

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