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For Lost in Showbiz's tastes, there really is little to touch former Disney star Shia LaBeouf's hilarious attempt to retroactively airbrush off his mouse ears by presenting an alternative backstory to the world in a GQ interview and profile I can only describe as auto-parodic.

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My dick is already as hard as a fucking rock, so she gets down on her knees as I pull my pants down and she grabs my throbbing cock, stroking it lovingly and taking it to her wet mouth so she can give me an awesome blowjob.

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Jaden then made his way onto the centre of the bed and gently kissed each girl on the forehead, causing each slave to stir, slowly open their eyes, and see their master gently smiling at them, before they smiled back, while Blair blushed, seeing her Master's well developed and naked body.

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